Nice Picture

This one went off to a customer. Another Classic Bowie!

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20 Years of Knifemaking– 1999-2019

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of making my first knife, is this video. Reminiscing about the first 50-some knives in particular, with actual specimens of old and new knives in hand.

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243 Years Ago…

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Thrift-Store Finds

Once in a while, I go to a town large enough, with time enough to spare, to visit a thrift shop. Digging through the bins of kitchen knives is sometimes productive. Here is a dollar’s worth:DSCN2766[1]DSCN2768[1]

The knife on the bottom had a bent point, and several serious nicks in the edge, so those have been ground away. The top knife had a noticeable mis-match between handle and tang, which was fixed. Both wood handles were “dehorned” with a half-round file, and the guard on the middle knife was given a similar “ouch elimination” treatment. Much more comfortable.

While bargain-bin knives I choose are often carbon steel, these were all stainless. Both Chicago Cutlery and Normark use tolerably good steel. Stainless steel certainly has advantages in a wet, salty, acidic environment.

For $1 and an hour’s labor, not bad.

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4 Wood-Handled Hidden Tang Knives

knives in sheathsJust finished making these 4 hidden tang knives. All are saw steel, heat-treated to around 58 Rc., and about 3 5/8″ blades. $189 each.

Starting with the Oak handle–

knife with oak handle

The grain on this is quite unique, so I’m putting up extra pictures. The guard is aluminum. Weight of knife is 2.5 oz., and 5.3 in the sheath.

Next, is Black Walnut, with nickel-silver guard.

Weight of the walnut knife is 2.3 oz., 5.4 in the sheath.

And, Hickory with nickel-silver:

This knife weighs 2.2 ounces, 5.0 in the sheath.

And, the last–Hickory and aluminum:

Knife is 2.1 ounces, 5 ounces in the sheath.

Which is your favorite? Comments are welcome!

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First Knives of 2019

Here are the first knives to receive the 2019 mark!


All are carbon steel, 3 are black walnut handles.

dscn2066[1]This knife has a 7-inch, 3/16 thick blade of O-1 Tool Steel. The sheath has a wood liner for safety. It is available for sale. $375.


This knife is also a 7-inch blade, 3/16 thick, cut from a large circle-saw blade, re-heat-treated. Handle, of course, is brown canvas micarta. $SOLD.

The other two are custom orders that are on their way to eager owners. O-1 on the first, and sawblade on the second–a 6-inch Lightweight cut down to 4 1/2 inches. The upper knife is truly a “straight knife.” Straight spine, and straight handle.


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New Handles on BlackFox Kukri and Kabar Parangatang

kabar parangatang blackfox kukri custom handlesHere are a couple more handle upgrades. The factory handles are shown in the photo for comparison. Totally different feel, for sure!

parangatang and kukri in sheaths

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