Gathering Fir Pitch

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Obstacle or Bulwark? The Wall of Separation

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The Greatest Incentive

The law of God is the foundation of all enduring reformation.
Obedience to God’s law is the greatest incentive to industry, economy, truthfulness, and just dealing between man and man.

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This is my first attempt at making an ulu. Traditional blade of the Inuit, it is a big improvement over a discoidal stone blade, which is one of the more common stone knives found in archaeology due to its relative simplicity of production. Steel is 1/4-inch-thick S30V, flat on one side, and convex on the back. Handle is Ivory Micarta.

ulu knife in sheathulu

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Starting 2017–New Knives–Unusual

Here are 4 new knives–the first for the new year! All are hidden-tang mortised construction, and all are 154CM steel.

knife knives upswept hunter 154CM sheathknives upswept trailing point 154CMknives drop point clip point sheaths 154CMKnives front 154CM Black Linen Green Dymondwood

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3 1/2-inch Hidden Tang

Here is a one-of-a-kind piece that I just finished. This blade blank has been gathering dust for a while, and it finally got finished! The steel is 1/8″ thick 154CM. Overall length is 7 inches, weight is 3.6 ounces.  Handle is green canvas micarta. The brass guard is big enough to provide a measure of safety and aid in sheath retention, but not so biknife and sheathg as to be awkward.

If you’re looking for a knife with a little more blade and a little less handle length, this one qualifies!

It could be yours for $229.

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Horizontal and Vertical Sheaths with Firesteel Mounted

knife with sheaths and firesteelsThe sheath on the left is a standard vertical pouch. On the right, is an ambidextrous horizontal sheath. The knife is a 3-inch Compact, in O-1 Tool Steel, and brown canvas. Firesteel handles are also brown canvas micarta.

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