Saw Steel Analysis

We recently had the saw steel that I am using in the Nessmuk, Bushcraft, and 6-inch Lightweight knives analyzed by a lab. Here are the results:

Carbon – 0.77 %
Manganese – 0.49 %
Phosphorus – 0.011 %
Sulfur – 0.005 %
Silicon – 0.22 %
Chromium – 0.42 %
Nickel – 0.75 %
Molybdenum – 0.06 %
Copper – 0.01 %
Aluminum – 0.02 %

The metalurgist said that this is basically a “souped up” 1075 steel. There is enough nickel and other ingredients to materially improve the performance of the steel, but not enough to consider them as major alloying ingredients.


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