Cow Camp Courtesy

Box of Salt and Jar of MatchesWhen I was a teenager, some friends and I stopped at a cow camp high up in the forest.  The old cabin was empty and somewhat dilapidated,  but it had glass in the windows, and a functional stove.  My older friend pointed out something else–a classic example of backwoods courtesy. On the table sat a small box of salt (smaller than pictured here), and a jar of matches.  The other item was a little dry firewood.  And yes, the door of the cabin was unlocked. Every woodsman  is assumed to carry a knife, and probably an axe.  If he gets caught in a snow-storm or other mishap, it is often most necessary to get a fire going.  Thus the matches and firewood.  Also, he can probably find something to eat outside, but a little salt makes the eating a lot nicer.  And salt is usually hard to scrounge, unless you are on the sea-coast. Why a jar of matches?  The jar is mouse-proof.  If a mouse carries a match to its nest, and then ignites it by chewing on the match-head, the cabin often burns down. So, do the unfortunates a favor.  Leave a little wood, a box of salt, and a jar of matches.  It costs pennies, but could save a life.


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I am a knifemaker and dealer, and live a very diversified life in the mountains of central Idaho. I love nature, agriculture, and homesteading. My knifemaking motto and advertising slogan is, "Knives Built for the Bush." I intend them to be efficient, durable, comfortable, functional, graceful equipment for life's challenges and opportunities. My website is Please visit!
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2 Responses to Cow Camp Courtesy

  1. You don’t find many camps like that anymore. Mostly because you don’t find people like that anymore.

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