“Strike Anywhere?” Did the Matches Change?

I’m wondering what your recent experience has been with strike-anywhere matches.  It’s been so long since I’ve used many.  However, you might remember a short time, some years back, when the entire supply of “strike anywhere” seemed to dry up for a few months.  Then, they were back.

By that time, I was so involved with other methods that I seldom used matches.  But, I did notice that the matches in my match-case and bottles did not light well.

However, it seems that brand new matches, right out of the box, don’t light well either–unless you strike them on the box!  Seems that our days of striking them on a rock, or the stove, or a zipper, or even sand paper, are over, for most practical purposes.  Do we need to cut the panels off the match box to include in our waterproof containers?

Have you all noticed anything like this?

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I am a knifemaker and dealer, and live a very diversified life in the mountains of central Idaho. I love nature, agriculture, and homesteading. My knifemaking motto and advertising slogan is, "Knives Built for the Bush." I intend them to be efficient, durable, comfortable, functional, graceful equipment for life's challenges and opportunities. My website is www.ctfischerknives.com. Please visit!
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2 Responses to “Strike Anywhere?” Did the Matches Change?

  1. http://survivalblog.com/letter-re-strike-anywhere-matches/
    This person says that UCO Strike Anywhere matches are still excellent.

  2. Here is an interesting description of how to make safety matches into “Strike Anywhere” matches: http://www.instructables.com/id/Strike-anywhere-matches/

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