Primitive Arrowhead Option

copper arrow head and tools used in making it.Here is a copper arrowhead that I just made out of a 1-inch piece of 1/2-inch water pipe. Sitting on the anvil around it, are all of the tools used.
You can see that one side is filed smooth and sharp, the other is only shaped with the hammer and chisel. A stone could be used instead of files. A chisel could be made from a large nail (possibly even from a stone. A stone could be used for hammering.
There should be 2 arrowheads, but one went flying when I was separating them, and I haven’t found it yet.
Hammering the copper work-hardens the metal, making it stiff and more capable of taking a sharp edge. Stop before it begins to crack, though. If you need to shape it more, heat it up until it just starts to glow red, and then quench it in water. This will soften it, and you can continue hammering or flexing the metal until it hardens up again.
Remember the Bronze Age?


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