First Knives of 2019

Here are the first knives to receive the 2019 mark!


All are carbon steel, 3 are black walnut handles.

dscn2066[1]This knife has a 7-inch, 3/16 thick blade of O-1 Tool Steel. The sheath has a wood liner for safety. It is available for sale. $375.


This knife is also a 7-inch blade, 3/16 thick, cut from a large circle-saw blade, re-heat-treated. Handle, of course, is brown canvas micarta. $SOLD.

The other two are custom orders that are on their way to eager owners. O-1 on the first, and sawblade on the second–a 6-inch Lightweight cut down to 4 1/2 inches. The upper knife is truly a “straight knife.” Straight spine, and straight handle.


About christophersknifeblog

I am a knifemaker and dealer, and live a very diversified life in the mountains of central Idaho. I love nature, agriculture, and homesteading. My knifemaking motto and advertising slogan is, "Knives Built for the Bush." I intend them to be efficient, durable, comfortable, functional, graceful equipment for life's challenges and opportunities. My website is Please visit!
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