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I am a knifemaker and dealer, and live a very diversified life in the mountains of central Idaho. I love nature, agriculture, and homesteading. My knifemaking motto and advertising slogan is, "Knives Built for the Bush." I intend them to be efficient, durable, comfortable, functional, graceful equipment for life's challenges and opportunities. My website is Please visit!

First Knives of 2019

Here are the first knives to receive the 2019 mark! All are carbon steel, 3 are black walnut handles. This knife has a 7-inch, 3/16 thick blade of O-1 Tool Steel. The sheath has a wood liner for safety. It … Continue reading

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New Handles on BlackFox Kukri and Kabar Parangatang

Here are a couple more handle upgrades. The factory handles are shown in the photo for comparison. Totally different feel, for sure!

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Another Buck 119 “Special” Re-Handled

The original handle was broken off, and the owner had done a nice job of fitting it with wooden panels to replace the phenolic. It was held together with electrical tape. As with old bandaids, adhesive tape has a propensity … Continue reading

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PTS Bush Knife Review

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7-inch Hidden Tang

This knife began life as a mistake, with a big notch (from a bolt-hole and pan-head countersink) in the cutting edge. So, it was re-ground to become what you see here. This is the first example you’ve seen here, of … Continue reading

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5-Inch Hidden-Tang Scandi-Ground

Here is a somewhat unusual rendition of my 5-inch Hidden Tang model. The steel is 3/32-inch-thick sawblade material, heat-treated. The observer may notice that each brass bolt has one stainless nut, and one brass nut. Price: $275.00

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Camp Kitchen Knife

Designed as a multi-purpose outdoor tool with an emphasis on food preparation, this belt knife is ground from 1/8-inch-thick 1084 carbon steel. The blade is about 6.4 inches long, the knife weighs almost 7 ounces, and in the sheath, 12.3 … Continue reading

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